शार्लट मधील गुणवंताबद्दल इथे माहिती मिळेल. आपल्या कलागुणांची नोंद  करण्यासाठी आमच्याशी संपर्क साधा


अपर्णा पाध्ये (पेंटिंग):


Aparna loves painting landscapes and flowers in acrylic. She has traveled a lot around the world and most of her paintings are inspired by the photos clicked around the world. She likes the vibrant colors in nature and painting those colors on canvas gives her immense satisfaction !!She believes the process of painting is stress relieving and very much rewarding!! Her paintings reflect her love for the nature and her feelings for the painting. She has been painting for almost 25 years now, but 2 years back she had given up her full time IT career to dedicate herself to her passion.


फेसबुक: facebook page
इमेल: aparnaspadhye@gmail.com
फोन : 980-250-3216




नाटक करणार्याला आपण नाटक का करतो हे कोडं उलगडलेलं नसतं आणि एकदा का त्यात शिरलं की थांबणं शक्य नसतं. मग फक्त ’नाटक’करत राहायचं. तेच आम्ही करतो. आपल्याला भावलेलं शब्दात, अभिनयात, वेगवेगळे प्रयोग करत प्रेक्षकांसमोर मांडत राहायचं हाच ’अभिव्यक्ती’ चा उद्देश. अमेरिकेत ’अभिव्यक्ती’ च्या दरवर्षी दोन एकांकिका करायला सुरुवात झाल्याला आता जवळपास १० वर्ष होत आली आहेत. तुम्हाला या दिंडीत सहभागी व्हायचं असेल तर संपर्कासाठी माहिती:


इ मेल – mohana_joglekar@hotmail.com
फोन/whatsapp – 919-228-8104
संकेत स्थळ – https://marathiekankika.wordpress.com/




रंगभूमीवरचा प्रवास हा न संपणारा आहे. कारण आपण एक लमाण असतो . जिथे जे मिळेल ते वेचत जाऊन आपण आपल्यातल्या कलाकाराला वृद्धिंगत करत असतो. नाटकाच्या वेडापायी एकत्र येऊन शार्लट मध्ये गेले १२ वर्ष शार्लटच्या मंडळासाठी skits आणि नाटक सादर करता करता तयार झालाय … रंगयात्री !!

दर महिन्यात एकदा भेटून नाट्य विषयक अभ्यास, वाचन , तर कधी theatrical exercises करून आपली नाटकाची आवड आणि अभ्यास जोपासणारा हा ग्रूप. अधिक महितीसाठी

संपर्क – प्रज्ञा आपटे

फेसबुक: facebook page
फोन / whatsapp – 704-905-0260
ईमेल : rangayatree@gmail.com


अश्विनी बिरादार (पेंटिंग):


Ashwini got involved in art at the age of 5. She got her first recognition as a best child artist at the age of 8. She participated in various arts competition from school to college level and won many recognition’s.

When she moved to US,The picturesque landscape of Rocky mountains re ignited her childhood passion. This is the place where she got inspired by nature’s beauty and started making professional landscape paintings.. Since then there is no looking back for her. She participated in various local art exhibitions and shows in this area.

She believes to experiment and learn new techniques in landscape,seascape paintings and loves to share her techniques and ideas.In 2014 she completed her certification as a Bob Ross Landscape Instructor which not only helped her to enhance her ideas and techniques but also opened door to whole new word of Landscape painting.

She is passionate about nature and its colors, lights, patterns and beauty. She feel’s  fortunate to have a skill that brings nature’s beauty on canvas. She think’s art is a beautiful medium through which we can capture the nature’s beauty and its endless colors and patterns to share with others.

Website: http://www.artpal.com/ashwinibiradar

इमेल: ashwinibiradar@yahoo.com
फोन : ७१९-३५१-७३७६


वैशाली (पेंटिंग):


Vaishali is a professional Artist and she is really passionate about her work. She has been in this profession for more than 10 years. She has occasionally entered into exhibitions and sold her paintings, although her real interest is making her own and other’s lives delightful through her art. She runs Art Classes for kids. She also commission graphite pencil portraits.

Fundamentally she is a portrait artist. Majority of her works are in Graphite pencils and Oil paints media. The art of drawing with pencil has been a major part of her life. Drawing in the style of realism is what she loves to do, to recreate LIFE as we see and know it with just a simple pencil is exciting to say the least. Working on a drawing for many hours is so relaxing that to this day she still has a hard time putting her pencil down to take a brake.

Painting portraits is her passion. She started portraits drawing when She was 14 years old and ever since making pictures has been at the core of her existence. It’s always thrilling to experience the moment a painting takes on a life of its own. One instant there is an amalgamation of colored shapes on the canvas surface and boom, with the addition of a single stroke it’s transformed into a lifelike entity.

Every portrait she paints provides her with the opportunity to create a work of art that exhibits both beauty and timelessness. It’s exciting to consider the possibility that one day her painting may become a cherished heirloom, providing deep meaning for many generations to come.

Couple of years back she has started working in variety of media such as pencils, acrylic, oil, clay, mixed media etc.

Her main areas of creativity are: Graphite Pencil Portraits / Oil, Acrylic Canvas Paintings / Mixed Media Wall Art / 3D Mural Canvas Paintings

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Art.Classes.Sale/

इमेल: vaishalisa2015@gmail.com